Write Down Your Last Wishes

Today was the funeral for Flo we came to Columbia to attend. Before the actual event we had a morning of story telling, walking and general merriment. When the hour rolled around to go to the cemetery for the graveside service we all cleaned up good to say our last good bye’s to Flo.

Thankfully the weather was not as hot as predicted and they were a lovely breeze under the big tree at the Heyward plot. A bag piper played Amazing Grace as the friends and family who gathered there looked on.

Flo had written down her wishes for her service and true to Flo’s selfless ways she only wanted a short graveside service. Her nephew gave a sweet and funny eulogy telling stories that perfectly illustrated Flo’s generosity. It was the quickest service I have ever been to for someone who was so loved. There was no wailing or nashing of teeth, just to the point.

Afterwards our newest adopted family members, Walker and Sally tried to lead us to the reception at Missy and Davis’ house after the service since they are locals. We had a big tour of all of Columbia only to arrive at the sight of Missy and Davis’ old house. Thankfully Russ had the address of the new house so we re-toured Columbia ending up on the other side of town at their new house.

More loving on family ensured, making sure Mary and Haidee felt the love we had for them at the loss of their mother. Mary and Haidee did a great southern job making sure we all were taken care of, having many meals and plenty of drinks at every turn.

We have one last little gathering tonight, where we will rehash all the stories and plan for our next reunion. Flo would have loved what a fun weekend it was, and how easy going everything was, except for the limo flat tire and the grandchild throwing up. But hey, it was perfectly imperfect and the guests all had a fabulous time.

I know it’s time to write down what we want as our last wishes just because it makes it so much easier on the ones left behind when planning the service. No one can argue if you say, “We are just following the orders she left for how she wanted it.”

2 Comments on “Write Down Your Last Wishes”

  1. Anjuli says:

    A few years ago, I created a google doc for my mum to tell us what her last wishes are. It started out as one page and has evolved into 10 pages. It includes absolutely every last detail, Including, the service, music, flowers, headstone inscription, and who to contact as I don’t know all my mothers friends details. I have comfort knowing that when the time comes, I won’t have to argue with siblings, because I have it all there in black and white.

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