Late to the Schitt’s Creek Game

Carter loves Schitt’s Creek and she implored me to start watching it. I think I half watched one episode years ago and then didn’t really give it a chance. Three days ago, when I had nothing else to watch while needlepointing I started Schitt’s Creek. Thank goodness nothing else is going on in the world because I have been addicted ever since.

I am not saying that I watched TV all day. I did do laundry, cooked some stuff, cleaned some things, wrote some things, read a book, walked on the treadmill, covered the cars in case of hail, played words with friends, but all as a way of staving off my desired to watch more Schitt’s Creek.

Now that I have finished season one I know I am fully addicted and am already worried about the day I finish all the seasons. I am starting a list of non-TV things I can do so that I slow down my Creek consumption. Boy, do I ever need the Pandemic to end.

2 Comments on “Late to the Schitt’s Creek Game”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Dana I am delighted that you are enjoying Schitt’s Creek. Here in Canada we are most proud of the TV/Radio/Internet entertainment product that is produced by our national (Govt.) broadcasting agency the CBC. That the Creek also features Canadian actors in almost every role is testimony to the depth of comedic talent that comes out of Canada. You may wish to watch another CBC production Murdoch Mysteries which is now in its 14th season. Another series that features quite droll humor is Corner Gas which ran for 6 seasons and is in constant reruns. It was produced by one of Canada’s commercial networks CTV. American university students enjoy a very vulgar comedy series from CTV named Letterkenny. Now in its 9th season it is definitely not for everyone.

  2. beth says:

    one of my very favorite shows ever

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