Isn’t Ireland Lovely?

My father, giving Carter and art history lesson. I can only imagine what he said.

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all, Irish or otherwise. In celebration of today I went back to look at photos of a trip my father took us on to Ireland in 2007. Carter, all happy toothed, was all of eight years old and it was her first trip to Europe, certainly giving her the bug of travel.

This was a purely adult trip with my two sisters, my parents and us, so very little was done to entertain Carter differently than the rest of us. She did a great job rolling along with us. One of my favorite artifacts from the trip is a video clip Carter made while we were riding in the car along the Bay of Bantry. There was nothing but green countryside, and rocky coast, yet Carter exclaims, “Isn’t Ireland Lovely?”

What a happy time that was, before the crash of 2008, before the Pandemic. Yes, Ireland is lovely. I look forward to the day we can travel like that again. I miss the innocence of Carter discovering the bigger world for the first time, but still love to see it with her.

With my mother in Kenmare

One Comment on “Isn’t Ireland Lovely?”

  1. beth says:

    beautiful pics of a memorable trip! it is lovely indeed, I went a few summers ago and will never forget it –

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