Shay Test Day

My mother came to spend a few hours with me today so I could wash her quilt and have lunch together. As Russ had a busy day of calls and a meeting with clients he decided he would go downtown to his empty office and make his calls before going to the clients. He also needed to water the office plants so it was a good plan for him. It was not such a good plan for Shay.

This was the first day Russ was away from Shay in 12 months. She has reveled in being his constant shadow. She has three beds in his home office and we have taken to calling her the supervisor. In the morning, Russ may be in his office as early as five AM, but Shay keeps banker’s hours. She likes to sleep in until 8:45 when she usually pops up and goes right to work by Russ’ side.

With him out of the house today she was at a loss what her role was. Who was she supposed to herd? She kept by my side all day, but she did not have any opportunity to appear on zoom calls.

After my mother went back to the farm Shay lay by my side as I needlepointed. With every little sound outside the house she perked up thinking Russ might be coming home. It was a long sad day for her, but hopefully we can do this a couple more times before she has to go cold Turkey and be without him all day. For the record, I missed him too.

One Comment on “Shay Test Day”

  1. CYNTHIA KLEIN says:

    Love this story

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