Shrimp Burger Fail

All the dark parts of the pan are shrimp burger parts stuck to the pan

In proof that even good cooks can fail I took this photo of tonight’s dinner. I was trying to make shrimp burgers no not the ones made up of fried shrimp like they have in Morehead.

I was just making it up as I went along. I pulsed one third of the raw shrimp in the Cuisineart to get a paste and I chopped the other shrimp into thirds. I probably should have quartered them, but I want real bites of shrimp in my burgers. I made bread crumbs from a King’s Hawaiian roll, but maybe I did not use enough bread crumbs. I minced two shallots and that was probably the only thing I got right.

I mixed a raw egg with a tablespoon of mayo, some lime juice, Dijon mustard and sriracha and then mixed everything up together. I did not chill the already cold mixture, which most certainly could have helped.

I heated a non-stick pan, but did not add any butter, another mistake.

I took handfuls of the mixture and patted it into lose patty shapes, but they started to fall apart soon after touching the pan.

I tried to flip the piles of shrimp and that was an epic fail. Much of the mixture stuck to the pan, but I served the shrimp mess to Russ just the same.

I put come cocktail sauce on my pile o’shrimp next to my asian Coleslaw and took a bite. DELICIOUS! It looked like a hot mess, but the flavors were perfect. The shrimp were not over cooked and the mess was nicely seasoned with the sriracha.

I had some of the mixture left over so I put it in the refrigerator and will try again tomorrow with a cold mixture, a hot pan and a little butter in it. Even if I can’t make it into a burger I know I will like it.

One Comment on “Shrimp Burger Fail”

  1. beth says:

    Oh no, at least it tasted great!

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