International Women’s Day Needs to Be Longer

Hurray, it’s International Women’s Day. A day to foster equal rights. Wait, we are still having this fight. When I was in junior high school we were fighting for equal rights. The ERA spent years trying to get ratified and you are telling me it’s still not done.

We don’t need International Women’s Day, we need International Women’s years until we have equality. Sadly I think we are are going backwards. Misogyny is more prevalent than ever. And now misogyny bleeds into white supremacy and those two best friends have been happily trotted out into our National life thanks to 45.

The pandemic has thrown a body blow to women, who have stepped back to take care of children at home, or parents at home or just because they were already in service industry jobs, which went away.

To hell with one day! Women make up more than half the population so why are we settling for one paltry day? We need to make everyday about fighting for equality. The strong men I know agree and are not afraid of powerful and smart women. Russ would love to get about another dozen strong women in his firm today.

To all the men who think women are less than you, or should serve you, just a reminder you didn’t spawn from nothing. You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your mother’s. Trying to keep women down does not raise you up.

Thanks to all the strong women who have fought for women’s rights, but we are not close to being over. Don’t let International Women’s Day be a once a year thing. Keep the fight alive everyday.

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