Good Weather Makes Everything Better

Sometimes the littlest things can totally lift my day. It’s an extra bonus when it happens first thing. Since it’s Tuesday I had my weekly outing to Loaf to pick up our club bread. Today’s was a rye and red durham wheat. On the way downtown I drove through the dry cleaners to pick up Russ’ shirts. The nice girl who helps me was extra friendly and when she brought the shirts to the car and was hanging them in the back she said, “No charge today, you have coupons in the system.”

I love the system! I never have a coupon for anything. It may have only been $10, but it made me particularly happy.

Then I had to go to Lowe’s to pick up materials to build a rolling lecture for our new fellowship hall at church. I had ordered one online and it was deemed a “piece of junk” so we sent it back. I searched every possible lectern seller and did not find any I liked u dear $5,000. That is just crazy. So I recruited Russ to help me build one we based on a design of an expensive one we liked.

I had a really nice clerk help me load the materials on my cart and then into the Land Cruiser. I didn’t ask for help, this person just volunteered. That never happens.

Lastly I went over to church and finished putting the kitchen equipment away and made a seven page layout document to show everyone where everything belongs. One other church member has volunteered to make the labels, but now she knows what they should say and where they should go. This was a project I was happy to check off my list.

I came home and since it was in the seventies I weeded my garden in preparation for coming planting.

I am thinking that the good weather, and the coming vaccinations is making everyone a little nicer. At least it felt that way today. Tomorrow’s forecast is even better than today. Imagine what I can get done!

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