Needlepoint Christmas is Coming

I have more than a little guilt about the number of hours I needlepointed this weekend. Then I justified it by saying, “This might be our last cold weekend.” Yes, Christmas is coming, at least in needlepoint world.

The good people that finish needlepoint, that means turning stitched canvases into the ornaments they are meant to be, are still backed up from last year. Every year the Christmas deadline to have your stitching done gets earlier and earlier. I remember the day when you could finish a canvas before Labor Day and still get it back in time to spend the Christmas season on your tree.

This year you better have your canvas’ done by June. So this weekend I pushed through on this 6×6 Santa. It is bigger than the normal ornament, but I like varying sizes. I plan on finishing the last bit or gold boarder during the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah tonight. No guilt in needlepointing while watching royals.

Tomorrow I get started on the ornaments I have to do for my needlepoint exchange groups. The time is getting short. I know I have taxes to do and writing projects to finish, or actually start and then finish, but somehow those deadlines don’t feel as overwhelming.

Somehow Christmas is always coming at our house.

One Comment on “Needlepoint Christmas is Coming”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Are you kidding about guilt. Get over it! I wish I was one tenth as productive as you. My daughter has decided she wants a lap quilt. I need inspiration and motivation. Give me some simple ideas please.


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