Old Enough to Be Back in Style

Russ started laughing out loud as he read something on his iPad. He turned to me and said, “We are cooler than I thought.” The barometer he was using was an recently published House Beautiful article, “10 Things From Your Grandparents’ House That Are Back In Style.” As he read me the list I laughed. We are actually the grandparents in scenario, we just don’t have a grandchild to spoil.

Here are the things they listed as now back in style:

1. Chintz

2. Floral wallpaper

3. Needlepoint

4. China Cabinets

5. Pink Tile

6. Ornate Frames

7. Decorative Plates

8. Colored Glassware

9. Quilts

10. Pintuck Pillows

For the record we only have 9 of the ten. You might think that the hardest one to come by is “Pink tile” but we have a whole full bathroom of it. It is the only original bathroom left in our house and it is in such perfect condition I have not pulled it out. You can’t beat the old craftsmen who out that bathroom in 65 years ago so I am so happy to learn that it is actually back in style.

Both an ornate frame and pink tile in one room

In just one photo of our living room you can see both decorative plates and needlepoint. Just a couple of years ago I replaced the Chintz pillows on that sofa. Perhaps I should get them out of the attic. Russ was laughing most about the needlepoint and quilts since those things have been with us for forever and are continually multiplying. The only thing we don’t have are pintuck pillows. I never liked those so there can never be a comeback.

That middle pillow is needlepoint

I always say, just wait long enough and it will come back in style.

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