Projects Galore

I like projects. I like series. I like making things. I always have. Way before Covid I did things like needlepoint, quilt, sew, garden, read, do puzzles, play games, but now with Covid it seems like that is all I do.

At any given time I may be working on three or four different things at a time. It works perfectly to move from project to project through the day to ease boredom and keep me from more mundane tasks. I like 2000 piece puzzles because they take a long time and good long books because once I know the characters I want to keep with them.

Today I finished four different projects, a puzzle, a good (not very long) book, a TV series and a needlepoint ornament. I hate that I finished all four on the same day. This means tomorrow I have to start new projects.

Starting is my least favorite part. I dislike sorting the puzzle pieces, but it is the only way to do such a big puzzle. I usually don’t love a book in the first few pages and need to get into it before I am hooked. And I would rather work on a needlepoint I have all the fibers pulled for than go through my stash and kit out a new project.

I could have saved the ending of any of these projects for tomorrow so that I didn’t end up with nothing by the end of the day, but when I get close to the end I work more furiously because I want to complete it.

Rather than getting up from the puzzle when I still had 200 pieces left, I just kept at it since it is so much easier at the end when you only have a few choices. As I was reading my book I couldn’t put it down with only 30 pages left. At that point I wanted to know what happened.

After finishing both those projects I turned to my needlepoint and it took just a bit to finish this canvas while I finished watching the TV series Lupin I was binging. If I wasn’t nearing the end of the series I might not have finished my needlepoint, but since I was wanting to know what happened on the show, I just kept stitching.

Now I am left with no puzzle, no book, no TV show and no needlepoint already started. It might be a sign that maybe I should vacuum the whole house or scrub every bathroom. I don’t have any fun projects started to distract me from the drudgery.

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