Baking as Church

Tonight my church had a fun Zoom Bread Baking class with a cool baker named Kendal Vanderslice from Edible Theology. It was short on theology and long on great bread baking knowledge, which was very informative.

We each mixed up a dough with white and wheat flours a little salt, tiny amount of yeast and water. It is a slow, long rise dough so we learned about stretching it and resting it, but we did not bake it. Based on what I learned tonight I hope to have a beautiful loaf to show tomorrow morning. For now I have my dough resting in a bowl on the counter of the kitchen, covered by a damp tea towel.

It was an excellent Zoom class. One of the things I have discovered I love about Zoom is that I am able to have side conversations and not get in trouble for talking in class. I am looking forward to posting my loaf on Instagram along with those of my classmates and see how they all turned out.

I love that getting together to learn to bake bread is something my church plans for us to do to stay connected during this time when we have to be apart. Maybe in the fall we can gather together in the new fabulous kitchen in the fellowship hall and test out our new baking skills. We have such a fun church.

One Comment on “Baking as Church”

  1. beth says:

    how wonderful ! and bread )

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