Based on looking at the weather map today I can bet that if you are reading this it is very cold where you live. Carter texted us a photo this morning of ice on the inside of her kitchen window. This is what happens when you live in a old building in Boston where your one radiator is three rooms away from the kitchen.

I suggested she turn on her oven and open the door since her landlord pays for the gas. Of course you have to be careful about running your oven unattended, but as long as she was in her kitchen it seemed like a safe thing to do rather than freezing to death.

I didn’t bother going outside today. It was just too cold. Ever since an unnamed relative used to throw me and my sisters outside during snow or ice storms I avoid unnecessary cold trips. I don’t mind enjoying a new fallen snow in the bright sunshine because the reflective quality of the sun on the snow makes it very pleasant, but a windy cold gray day is not my cup of tea.

Tonight I went to retrieve my nightgown from the dryer in the garage. Since the cycle finished hours ago the fabric was freezing even though it was dry. I brought it up to my bath room and put the hairdryer in the neck and turned it on high. For about two minutes I blew hot hair into my nightgown before I slipped it on. It was heaven to have the warm, soft material engulf my cold body.

I think I am going to have to pre-warm my nightgown all winter now that I have discovered how good it feels. I hope you are staying warm where you are. Don’t forget all the heating pads, electric blankets and hairdryers you have to keep you toasty.

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