Could QAnon Really Be The New QVC?

The more I hear about the crazy conspiracy theories of QAnon the more I wonder who benefits from starting this? I find it is no surprise that so many American are so gullible. Look at the powerball and mega millions lotteries. You have a 320,000,000:1 chance of hitting the power ball, yet millions of people put in their two bucks to try and win the lottery.

Now two bucks is not that much to risk, but most people don’t just spend single digits, they bet twenties or hundreds. Many of those people who buy those lottery tickets are missing an important tooth or don’t have enough savings to cover a months bills, yet they still buy lottery tickets without winning much. That’s gullible to me.

The decades long allure of QVC and Home shopping network play on this same group of people. Those who believe a beautiful spokes model convince them that if they purchase this skin cream they will look fifteen years younger, for just four monthly payments of $6.99. The buyers will still be paying for that cream long after it is used up and they still have the same wrinkles. Gullible.

Now I want to know who is selling stuff to the people who believe in conspiracy theories, because I want to follow the money? I don’t see any other reason for people to create these outlandish claims. So is it in the best interests of the folks who sell survival kits, or weapons or protective clothing to get people ginned up about their safety so they buy their products?

So is QAnon the new QVC? Instead of tiny Chinese vases or velvet covered hangers is QAnon actually some big consumer consortium set up to sell survivalist gear? I don’t want to do any deep dive searches on the internet to find out, but I am very interested in following the money because I believe money is behind most everything.

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