Beautiful Shay

Unlike the rest of us, Shay has not changed her grooming schedule due to the Pandemic. She has not adopted a Pajamas-all-the-time wardrobe. Her feet have not widened thanks to not wearing real shoes. She does not skip daily showers or forgoes washing her hair for three days.

Shay still insists on looking her best for visitors or those she might greet on a walk, even if she tends to ignore most beings she encounters out in public. A jaunty bandanna or her Barbour jacket are required most days. If she wore earrings they would always be diamonds, that’s why we have refused to pierce her ears.

When Shay ventures out for an exploration around our house she demands a special paw washing and drying at the front door because she does not like the feeling of dirt between her toes.

Yesterday was her day of beauty when her Mercedes Metrohound van pulled up to pamper her. She greatly dislikes the hairdryer, but will endure it on low when her face is being dried because she likes the look of a well groomed snout. Shay is the only one in the house who has kept up her grooming regiment, although she doesn’t seem to love us scruffy folks any less.

We humans could take a page out of her book and keep up appearances for the sake of our dignity. She models good behavior for us, if only we would pay attention. I think she will just have to keep at us a little bit longer.

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