The Extroverts Pandemic Pain

Being an off the charts extrovert during the pandemic means I don’t get a daily high from seeing friends and thus I normally sleep well. Pre-Pandemic if Russ and I went to an evening soirée I would come home totally charged up, me unable to fall asleep and he, as the introvert, practically had to be carried to bed from the car.

Yesterday I had an evening Zoom Program with my non-profit group where I moderated followed up by an unusually long late night call with my college daughter. Those two “peoplely” interactions had all my extrovert juices flowing so I could not fall asleep. I stayed up going down a rabbit hole on Facebook. I was prompted to friend a woman who was in my class at boarding school. I opened her page and found her in a photo with a man who had been a dear friend of mine in Washington, whom I had lost touch with when he broke up with my friend and moved away.

This collision of two of my worlds, late at night, when I should have been sleeping, got me even more worked up and consequently I hardly slept at all. Fast forward to tonight. Running on fumes, I had a very rare Zoom gathering late tonight. My friend Sally Schott had won a Zoom book group meeting with the author Kelly Corrigan, a fabulous writer of memoirs. We had read her book “Tell me more” and she joined Sally and 19 of Sally’s friends to talk with us.

Kelly, also has a success Podcast called Kelly Corrigan Wonders so she is one of those rare authors who can talk and write. Rather than give us a canned speech about her book, she just let us ask her questions, many of which were about her writing process. Since she has written four memoirs I was very interested since writing a daily blog is like writing a memoir in real time.

After our hour with Kelly was done Sally hosted an after party Zoom for the die hards in the group. I had a good two hours of grown female zoom party, like kerosene on my extrovert fire. Gone was my exhaustion from the previous 24 hours. Now I am searching for a crash so that I don’t have two non-sleeping nights in a row.

Somehow I am going to have to find friends who only want to Zoom in the morning so I can put that extrovert energy to good use during day light hours and be able to fall fast asleep at the right time. Hurry sleep, I have needlepoint Zoom early tomorrow morning. I can’t sleep late and I am too old to pull two all nighters in a row.

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