Rare Halloween Trifecta

Today is not just Halloween. It is a Halloween and a full moon at the same time. Now let’s make it a trifecta, It is Halloween with a full moon on a Saturday. What could be more special than that? The last time this happened was 1944, during World War II. Not sure anyone was trick or treating that night either. So a World War, a pandemic, seems like the trifecta of Halloween is just plain bad luck.

The good news is the next time that October 31 is on a Saturday and there is a full moon is 2172. That’s 152 years from now. Although it seems like it makes the perfect Halloween, it appears to be nothing but bad luck to have this trifecta. So I am glad that not only will I not be around, but neither will my child and if I have any grandchildren, they probably won’t be either in 2172. I just don’t want anyone I will ever know in my whole lifetime to have to endure a Halloween like this one. I am not even counting the election is this mess.

In the future Halloween could be moved to permanently be celebrated on the last Saturday in October, which would make so much sense. If that is the case, then we certainly could have a Halloween trifecta much sooner than 2172. But considering how the last two have turned out I am not sure it is something we should wish for.

The good news is this is the first year in 25 that I have not bought and therefore consumed any Halloween Candy. Instead of getting ready for trick or treaters, I made six of my eight raised garden beds. They are actually very spooky because they look like giant coffins in a fenced in grave yard.

I hope when I wake up in the morning there are no skeletons in the boxes. This being 2020 I am not counting that out.

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