I’m Getting Good at Screwing…

boards together. Where did you think I was going with that? This isn’t that kind of blog. It’s free.

After test screwing yesterday I went into full on production work today. I made one whole raised bed that was 8 foot by 2 foot, but found that once I had it all together it was too heavy for me to lift off the saw horses by myself. Thankfully Russ had a minute between calls to help me move it.

Since he is working twenty hours a day I don’t like to ask him to help me, but I see I am going to need his help this weekend as he will only have work, but no zooms. So to keep moving forward I made the long panels of the raised beds which involved fastening two eight or ten foot board together with a brace in the middle and a brace on each end, which the short two foot pieces will be attached to.

Besides the fully assembled box I made, I completed the long sides for four more boxes. I went to cut the end pieces but found I was not as good with the circular saw today as I was yesterday. I will need to ask Russ what I am doing wrong. But after five hours of screwing I was pretty much done and now need to recover.

Hopefully I will be all done screwing by Sunday and can move on to laying…

Pipe for my irrigation system. Really, haven’t you learned your lesson yet?

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