TV Eventually Pays Off

When I was a kid I would sometimes get in trouble for watching too much TV. It was really rich since my parents gave me a tiny black and white Sony TV for Christmas when I was 12. I think they just didn’t want my adolescent self around the rest of the family.

Some of what I used to watch was actual crap, ie: the Brady Bunch or the Partridge family, but some was quite educational. I learned quite a lot from the French Chef, Julia Child and I use all that knowledge to this day.

When I met Russ I started watching This Old House with him faithfully. Not only did we watch the current seasons, but we would watch past seasons. This year This Old House turns 40 and I estimate I have seen every episode at least three times.

For as much crap as I used to take for watching TV I am happy to say that This Old House paid off. Today, after the wind and rain of Zeta passed by I decided to start building the raised beds for the garden. It was late in the day, but I wanted to test out my design. So I got out all the needed power tools, the circular saw and the impact driver and set up the saw horses in the driveway and went to work. I happily clamped together my cedar and drove deck screws into the boards attaching them to another piece of wood to act as the corner connectors. Norm Abram would be proud.

Today we have You Tube where you can learn to do most anything, but back in the day it was mostly just PBS. Sure I learned how to change out a toilet, something I hope never to do, but at least I learned that being nice to your plumber pays off in big ways.

For now, I am glad that I can do these things myself. It is next to impossible to find someone who you can pay to do it and then they charge an arm and a leg. Tomorrow I tackle clamping right angles and creating corners. I may need a new tool.

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