Did You Mail in Your Ballot?

Voting is more important this year than ever. With Covid many of you requested mail-in ballots. For the most part mailing in your ballot is safe, as long as you mailed it in time. But there are still stories of people who mailed their ballots in plenty of time, but it was not received in time.

You need to make sure that your ballot arrived at your city’s election office. If you live in North Carolina you can go to this website to check on that status of your ballot.https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/ You enter your name and county and you should find your name. Once you click on it scroll down to the bottom link for absentee ballots. If you sent one in and it was processed and accepted it will tell you that.

It you mailed one and they don’t have it you will see nothing about an absentee ballot.

If there was a problem with your ballot, like the signature was not accepted it will say it was not accepted.

In the case of no ballot or an unaccepted ballot you need to go vote on Tuesday. You will not be voting twice since your mail-in ballots was not registered. If by chance it comes in after the election it will just be discarded if you voted in person.

I know that you chose to do a mail in ballot for a good reason, but if it did not get there please go to your regular polling place on Tuesday. With so many people early voting the lines on Election Day should not be too long. Please don’t skip voting. This is the most important election in our lives and North Carolina is a swing state.

If you have questions about your North Carolina mail in ballot you can call this hotline any they can help you. The number is 1-833-868-3462. We are right at the finish line. Let’s do it string North Carolina.

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