Help Comes to the Rescue

The on going major vegetable garden project continues. Sadly I did not get all the fill dirt spread before we had three inches of rain over the weekend. Since then I have been shoveling very heavy clay to try and level the garden.

My fence building helper, David, came this morning to begin the creation of the Deer fence. It should be called the anti-deer fence. David as the expert builder worked all day by my side as I continued shoveling and filling.

We cemented thirteen ten foot posts into the ground. It was important we get that all done today because rain is due tonight for the next 24 hours. This means I will still be shoveling this weekend to finish the spreading and leveling.

Eight hours of working in the garden is too much for me for one day so I am thankful for a rain day because I don’t think I could do this again tomorrow. I predict I will sleep well tonight.

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