Home School Help

I am so thankful that I don’t have to teach my child at home. I still have nightmares about just helping her study for the Dynasty section of seventh grade history.

If you live locally and are pulling your hair out and think you need help I have a solution for you. A friend of ours, Burke Beatty is moving back to the area and is looking for teaching jobs. Since he is off cycle to become a high school history teacher he is available to help teach your kid or kids or a pod of kids.

Burke was a member of the national honors society at Carrboro high school and went to Bates College in Maine. He graduated four years ago with a major in French and Francophone studies and a double minor in history and film media studies. Going to a great liberal arts college like Bates means he had to study everything, so he can handle your stay at home school kids subjects.

Teaching has been Burke’s goal job, but he spent the last three and half years as a master scuba dive trainer in Hawaii because you can only do something like that when you are young. If he can teach people how to do things underwater, he can help a kid with zoom school.

Burke got Covid early on and now has a positive anti-body test and is willing to be tested for Covid anytime. He told me that getting Covid was rough and he is very serious about not getting it again. Covid safety is his big priority.

While at Bates, Burke worked in the admissions office and during his senior year he was one of the fifteen senior admissions fellows who interviewed prospective students for Bates. If you have a junior or or senior student who would like to practice interview you might want to contact Burke.

If you are interested in talking with Burke about working with your kids he can be reached at 919-923-3516 or beatty.burke@gmail.com. As he has just arrived back here he is fully available, so you can book him for the times you need.

There is only so much togetherness we can have with our children and then everyone needs a break from each other. Burke could be the answer to your parent/child to much togetherness.

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