Join Me To Fight For NC

Did you know that if you sent in an absentee ballot in North Carolina and your signature does not exactly match the one on file from when you first registered your ballot can be disqualified. I don’t know about you, but I am certain my signature has changed a little bit since I first registered in Durham 26 years ago.

In NC if you do a mail in ballot early enough and it gets rejected you can do something called “curing” your ballot, to fix it for whatever reason it was disqualified. There is a group called Fight For NC who is training people to send them out to help people cure their ballots. I am volunteering to do this. The group is supporting democratic voters, so if you want Trump this group is not for you.

The training to learn how to do this is Thursday – Sunday from 7:00 – 8:00PM online. I am doing it Friday night and then will find out how I go help people cure their ballots. If you want to do this in NC you can go to this link. I think the link will let you chose a different day if you want.

I’ve signed up to attend a training with Fight For NC on Friday, Oct 16, 2020. Are you free to join me? Use this link to sign up:

I can’t sit by and let this election happen without my doing everything possible. This may not be for everyone. This group also calls and texts people if that is more your speed. Join me if you feel called to. We need every vote to count.

One Comment on “Join Me To Fight For NC”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    The same situation exists in Florida. I got my ballot in the mail 2-3 weeks ago, and knew who I was going to vote for, so planned to mail it back the next day. I saw the signature requirement (it seems to be exactly the same as NC, and wondered myself.) I went ahead and completed the ballot and sent it back in. I have done this over and over again, and think all works out. No one has contacted me. But, you have a good point about the signature issue.

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