Chicken Shit

No, this is not a blog about a politician, but composting. As I work to increase the size of my vegetable garden I realize I am going to need a lot more compost. So this is the perfect time to start composting in a big way. Not only will I be making my own good dirt, but I will not be adding to methane emissions at landfills and thus helping to reduce our carbon foot print.

So I am reaching out to any local friends who keep chickens to see if you need to get rid of any of your Chicken shit? I am happy to come pick it up every once in a while. I also could use any old fashioned news paper. We haven’t gotten a real news paper in decades, but if you do I am happy to take a few pre-read issues off your hands, rather than having you recycle it.

Composting is all about balance and I think I will have no trouble creating the “green” portion from vegetable peels and coffee grounds and the the like, but the “brown” portion of tiny twigs, and shredded paper is harder to come by. We hardly create any garbage at our house as it is and this will reduce it to some plastic bags and broken pens.

I have to say I have spent my life trying to get out of shit and now I am in active search of it, but only of the fowl type.

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