The Good News Is, I Wasn’t Blown Up Today

After three inches of rain this weekend I couldn’t work in my garden today.  Instead I went to Lowe’s and purchased the materials for phase two of my new garden, the fence phase.  Thursday, a fellow church member who builds decks, is coming to help me enclose my vegetable garden so I can stop growing food for wildlife.

Since I was still having guilt over a whole weekend of not working outside I decided I would pull out my zinnia garden on the front of our property whose time had long passed. This was the most successful year of zinnias as we had constant steady rain throughout the summer.  The now spent plants had grown over three feet tall and I was sad to pull them out.

While I was toiling away there were seven men “working” in my neighbor’s yard.  Working is in quotes because most of the time six of them stood around and watched one man run the backhoe.  It was an amazing show of unproductiveness.  I kept working away , pulling out old plants and filling my wheel barrow and moving the dead stalks to my compost behind my house.  

When I came back with an empty wheelbarrow from my first dumping the man in the backhoe jumped down from the machine.  All the other men ran around to the back of my neighbor’s.  The backhoe driver got on phone and walked over to the edge of the road right across from where I was working.  I was wearing my earbuds, listening to a book while I worked so I could not eavesdrop on his conversation.  I kept working.

Another load of the wheel barrow back and forth and then a gas company truck pulled up and three men jumped out.  They scampered around and one of them looked at me and said, “You should probably go inside, these guys hit a gas line.”

Funny, none of those men thought to mention it to me as they ran away to potentially save themselves.  The guy on the phone was 20 feet away from me, you think he could have told me?

I didn’t stick around to look at the name on their trucks, but tomorrow I may do it.  The gas guy came over after all was safe and told me I could resume working near the road.  I asked him if these people had called 811, the number you call for location services before you dig.  He said they had three months ago, but the markings only last two weeks.  He shook his head.  I don’t know who in their right mind digs with a back hoe without knowing where the services are buried.

Thank goodness those seven guys did not blow me up after I have worked so hard on my landscaping.

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