Rain, Rain, Rain Non-Productiveness

It has been raining mostly non-stop for two days. Doesn’t Mother Nature know I have have a lot of outdoor work. Apparently I can stand quarantine if I am allowed to go outside and work, but being stuck inside looking out over the piles of work I have to do is suffocating to me.

Russ had volunteered to help me do a little shoveling as I only have about 2 of the 20 yards of fill dirt to spread. That offer was too good to be true. He was unable to find an hour of dry time to help. Not that I need him to help me. I am happy to do it myself, but I really don’t need to work in the rain. Plus all this rain has certainly made my clay fill dirt even heavier than it was.

The good news is the rain probably helped with the compression of my fill. Not that I have gone out in rain boots to stamp around on it. Today I got a call from my fence helper, David who told me he would be here Thursday morning and for me to purchase all my fence supplies. Great, another trip to Lowe’s early in the morning so hopefully I can get delivery by Thursday. I need to have finished my grading by then and maybe have moved my leftover block.

At least my garden project is continually moving ahead. As long as the rain, rain, rain stops. I know I was frustrated by rain today because in place of shoveling I mopped bathroom floors. Lord help me to keep my sanity.

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