Give John Lewis the Spotlight

Like a child who is stamping his foot and pouting in the corner of the room because he perceives he is not getting the attention he deserves, 45 today tweeted out the most outrageous thing he could to draw attention away from John Lewis’ funeral to which he was not invited. There in Atlanta at Ebenezer Baptist Church were three of the living Presidents, Bush, Clinton and Obama all asked to speak. President Carter would have been there as he was invited, but at his age with Covid it was not a good idea for him to attend.

So there all the revered adults were in the same place, Democrats and Republicans (at least what real republicans used to be) and 45 was purposely excluded as he can’t play nice with others. Rather than letting it be the day for John Lewis, he had to try and one up and tweet.

The childishness of this selfish, self centered man is no fun. His complaining that other people are more popular than him, ie: Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix and his whining that the supreme court doesn’t like him when rulings don’t go his way are the acts of a spoiled child. Today the world does not revolve around you 45, no matter how much you think it should. Saying and doing more and more outrageous things to get attention does not instill confidence in the electorate.

Stop being a baby. Step back and let the adults honor a truly great man on this day. I know you worry that not that many ex-presidents will come and wish to speak at your funeral. Instead you might be lucky to have brilliant orators like Peter Navarro. Too bad Herman Cain came to your rally and died from Covid, he might have spoken at your service.

As for today, I was buoyed by the speeches of past Presidents in the hopes that they inspire a new generation of bright young people to take up the mantle of John Lewis and bring America out of the depths.

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