Scissor Love

Yesterday I finished the baby quilt I made for Carter’s co-worker. The photos don’t really show the colors correctly. When I first photographed it the main background color looked almost black. In fact it is a charcoal grey. I tried to color correct the photo today for my record.

This little quilt is a favorite of mine, even though I have only met the mother once for five minutes. I sent it off in the mail to Carter so she can have the fun of giving it to her. I will never see the quilt again, but I will always have the happy memories of getting to create it.

Quilting for me is just art with fabric. I have always loved fabric and paper and creating different pieces of art with them. It must have something to do with scissors. When I was a kid you would be hard pressed to find any scissors in my house and when you did they were dull or worse sticky.

Because of my PTSD over childhood scissors I am never more than an arm’s length away from scissors and usually more than one pair. I have at least 40 pairs just for paper. There are the regular paper kinds and the decorative edge ones. Small scallops and zig zag, deckled edges, you name it and I can cut it.

Then there are scissors just for fabric and once again there are straight and pinking (think zig zag). And I have embroidery scissors Including a favorite pair that was a gift jus to cut Turkey work, which means turning yarn into fur. I have folding scissors and tiny travel ones. You never knew so much about scissors did you?

I have kitchen shears, the Costco ones that come apart and can cut a penny in half and ones for cutting card board or into plastic clam shells. Hair cutting scissors and nose hair cutting. Those are two different kinds along with three different kinds of nail scissors Then there are the children’s scissors with blunt noses because I wanted to make sure Carter had her own tools and not have her use mine and possibly cut paper with fabric scissors, the biggest no-no there ever was.

These were just the scissors I could reach on my bedside table without opening any drawers or getting up from writing this blog. They probably represent ten percent of what is in house.

Now that I have finished this baby quilt I am not sure what my next Covid art outlet will be, but I can guarantee you it will probably be something that involves scissors since I already have the right tool.

2 Comments on “Scissor Love”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    I love scissors too. Not as many as you but almost.


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