Last Will and Wishes

With all that is going on in the world Russ and I finally got off the pot and are having an appointment to redo our wills. We have successfully raised a child to an adult so it is a little easier than it would have been if we needed to change guardianship. Now it is about our wishes. There is so much to think about when making a will and medical directives. How can we possibly set something up for every possible scenario.

I was discussing it with a Carter yesterday. As far as medical issues I told her that it boiled down to, “If I am incapacitated to the point that I would have a shitty life and If keeping me around would cause her to have a shitty life I don’t want to stick around.” Then I added, “I don’t want you to have to deal with my shit literally or figuratively.” Russ and I have not had this discussion yet.

The other thing Carter and I discussed was who could help her if she needed help. It was very eye opening whose opinions she valued. The one thing I told her was everyone I ever knew who inherited a bunch of money young ended up blowing it all and dying young themselves. Carter thought that no young person should be get a large sum of money and not have incentive to work. Thank goodness we are on the same page there.

Now I am interested in getting advice from my friends about your experiences with good and bad wills. One thing I have learned this week is don’t keep it a surprise if you include someone in your legal documents. I am going to make sure to have conversations with the people I designate to make decisions for me if I can’t make my own. So what about you? Please pass on all your wisdom. Now is the time before we see the lawyer. I don’t want to do this again.

2 Comments on “Last Will and Wishes”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Please call jack, he is very good at this and would love to talk with you. He is working from home due to Cova. His law firm is WALKER LAMBE. CALL Chris our pastor who is a client for reference,

  2. Don’t forget a living will, which I expect you have. An attorney can handle this as well. Give yourself time to do this too. Don’t rush it. Writing a will is stressful. Give yourself time to think things through. Usually wills are updated every 5-10 years. I would keep the contents of your will confidential. Things may change over time.

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