Why Play Baseball?

I know people are wanting sports back. I know some men who finally realize they are addicted to watching sports because they have had terrible withdrawal symptoms from the lack of sports. Even I watched golf on TV Sunday just because it was a novelty to see a sport.

Golf seems like a relatively safe sport to come back, but baseball seems more problematic.

I do not understand how you can social distance while playing baseball unless everyone hits a home run. Now just days after professional baseball started back up some of it shut down because the Florida Marlins have a dozen players and coaches who have tested positive for Covid-19. Is it a surprise? Miami is a terrible hot spot of the virus.

There is no reason to try and play this game. People can’t go and watch it. Players should not be sacrificed for other’s entertainment. When is everyone going to realize that we are not getting things like baseball back until there is a vaccine.

People need to do their best to stay home. If you go out, wear the damn mask, stay away from others and don’t gather inside or out with many people. For goodness sake don’t go to a bar, a party, a church, a wedding, or a meeting. We can’t kill the virus, but please do your best not to get it. I had a Zoom today with someone who had it and is finally recovering after four weeks. He is a shadow of himself and said, “No one wants this thing.” So please, don’t play baseball, it’s just a game.

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