Shay Loves Quarantining

Out of everyone I know Shay is the being that loves everything about quarantining the most. She spends most of her days supervising Russ in his bunny baby room office. She has three beds in there and jumps up on his lap to see all the people during Zoom calls. I hardly see her all day since I hardly see Russ. She actually gets a little pissy if he leaves his office and comes sees me.

Rarely does she join me on any of my Zoom calls. Granted mine are not revenue generating and I think she adds monetary value to Russ’. Today I had two Zoom’s. She ignored me on one, but when it came time for my church Ways and Means call she miraculously appeared and jumped up on my lap where she stayed for most of the meeting.

Shay is a member of Ways and Means and almost never missed an in person meeting at church. She would sit in my lap with her head on the table and look at Sharon whom she loves. I guess that when she heard all her church friends on the zoom she came downstairs to join me not wanting to miss any of the action.

I think maybe we should put Shay on the stewardship committee and she can shake people down for pledges. She is thoroughly versed in all the monetary issues of the church and is too cute to say no too.

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