Emergency Contact

My family moved to London, the first time, when my youngest sister was eight years old. Back then, in my family, eight years old meant you were old enough to take care of yourself. Janet was allowed to skateboard and ride her bike most anyplace she wanted to go alone. She walked to school a few blocks alone or with our middle sister Margaret.

One day it occurred to my mother that Janet was often about the city alone and since she was eight she had no id of any kind. My mother told her to write down her name and address and put it in her coat. Janet wrote, “My name is Janet K. Carter. I am the one in this green jacket right now. And put her home address.”

It was good advice for not just an eight year old, but for all of us. What if something happens to you and you are alone? If you are carrying your wallet you probably have your driver’s license, but what if you are out on a walk? I don’t take my wallet on a walk, but I do take my phone.

If you have an IPhone there is a place in settings to put an emergency contact so if someone needs to get you help they know who to call. The best part is that no one has to know your password to call your emergency contact from your phone. Make sure you update your information or at the very least write a note and put it in your pocket saying who you are and who cares for you if you need help.

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