Call Out Bullies

I don’t care what AOC’s politics are, I am just proud that she spoke up against Ted Yoho for calling her a “fucking bitch.” This is something that other over heard him say, but now he is denying saying it. Frankly, he might have thought he just said it in his head and not realized he said it out loud, but nothing excuses him from the whole incident in the capital.

Yoho, a tea party congressman from central Florida, who in 2015 mounted a campaign challenge to John Boehner for Speakership, got only two votes out of 435 according to Wikipedia. As far as I can tell he has no legislation to his name which has gotten passed. So to me his success as a congressman is questionable. No wonder he speaks profanity to an successful woman of color who is much younger than he is. It has to be so hard to be an aging white man who can’t get anything done.

Politics aside, I would bet that if this man’s grand mother was alive she would be appalled at this kind of talk, especially at work. Woman need to call men out who think they can do this and get away with it. AOC did the best thing by putting it into the Congressional record by talking about it on the house floor. This guy Yoho, who before today did not have much of a congressional record, will forever now be known as the rude, potty mouth congressman who disrespects a woman fellow congressperson.

For my daughter and other young woman in their work places I am happy that AOC is standing up against such a bully. It is what small minded people who are in a position of weakness do to strike out. It certainly does not advance him in anyway and AOC took away his power by calling him out on it.

I stand with women who have the courage to speak out to their bullies. If a man does not like the policies a woman stands for calling her names is not going to change her. It just makes him look like a small minded spoil sport. I hope his grandmother is looking down ashamed of him.

One Comment on “Call Out Bullies”

  1. beth says:

    i love that she did this and loved every word of it

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