Ice Guilt

As I was working in my garden this morning I had a number of lovely conversations with friends and neighbors taking their walks. It was a wonderful way to keep my mind off weeding and to see actual people. One theme among my friends was that they are fine and can’t complain when we have nice houses to stay in with plenty of food.

We collectively feel for those who are in tougher situations and each person mentioned a different way they were trying to help. I have been touched by the generous donations people have been making to the Food Bank in exchange for the masks I make them. Making each mask is an act of love for the person I am hoping to protect. One person just want to pay me and I said, “This is my way to help hungry people, please just give to the Food Bank.” She said, “How will you know if I give?” I told her I trust her, but I don’t think she realized that I also get reports on giving as a member of the development committee.

I feel guilty that this time has been one of joy to have my family together enjoying each other. One of productivity and creativity between making masks, quilts and needlepoint. One of better health having lost weight during the quarantine. One of centering myself with cleaning things out, putting in a garden, reading and just concentrating on what’s important.

Not everything is rosie, we have no idea how this time will impact us financially and we are missing time with friends and family face-to-face and would love to travel, but we have each other and our health.

If there is one selfish thing I could wish for it would be a stand alone ice maker. With three of us home all the time the ice runs out faster than the freezer can make it and Russ hardly ever has any ice. I can’t imagine what it is like in homes where there are five of six people all the time. There just can’t be enough ice in the world. But ice is a luxury and I am grateful for it. I am trying not to feel guilty about using up the ice.

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