No Beauty School Dropout

A few weeks ago Russ ordered a beard trimmer. It took a while to get here and as the Covid weeks went by his beard of many colors grew and grew. Along with his beard, his hair and my hair must have enjoyed the healthy home cooking because our locks were acting like those of young people hair and grew to healthy lengths.

This morning as I was trying to needlepoint I was having trouble seeing through my fringe so I took to the bathroom with a pair of scissors. I gave myself a business cut up front, but left the party out back. It is one thing to cut the hair I can see, but I was not about to hack what I couldn’t, or try and do it backwards in a mirror.

Feeling like I had succeeded at cutting my own hair I took to Russ. He sat on a stool on the patio with a sheet wrapped around him. I took out the newly charged beard trimmer and went to work on him. Carter sat nearby giving me style advice.

I cleaned up his neck and eye brows and trimmed his beard into a nice looking style. Then I pulled out Carter’s second grade scissors I had used on myself and cut Russ’ hair.

I am not planning on being Russ’ sole barber as he likes Tony and wants to support him, but I can do in a pinch. As for my hair I am looking forward to the day Suzanne can safely cut it herself, but I’m not in Georgia state of mind and can wait.

2 Comments on “No Beauty School Dropout”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Is there anything you can’t do well?

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