Veggie Safe

Six weeks ago when we started social distancing the weather was fabulous. We prepped our vegetable gardens for planting. I put in some arugula seed, a couple of kale plants and three random pepper seedlings along with some old bush and green bean seeds.

Just as I was on the look out for some other seedlings to transplant the weather took a turn and it was too cold to plant the things I wanted to plant. The arugula came up and is tiny now, the kale has flourished, the peppers just survived, but the beans did nothing.

The standard wisdom around these parts is you don’t plant your warm weather garden until after April 15. I should have followed the standard and not felt like global warming had changed the date.

Now that it is almost ten days past the safety time I feel like I can go ahead and plant the rest of my garden. That being said I have had a hard time finding the vegetables I want. I looked at Home Depot and they did not have much. I waited a few days, since I really should be staying home and then I went by Lowe’s, also not much there. A friend told me For Garden’s Sake was doing curbside pick up and I went on their website and could not order as all the curbside times we filled for the next few days.

Russ looked at Stone Brothers and Byrd’s sight and thought it looked promising. So we made a little essential trip there this afternoon and hit the jackpot. They had almost everything I was looking for. Now it is not the same variety I get at the farmer’s market, but I was able to get zucchini, okra and cucumbers, things I have successfully grown in the past. If you want tomatoes they have many. Sadly I have trouble growing tomatoes.

Tomorrow I am going to put in what we got along with the new green bean seeds. It’s a good year to try and garden as You probably won’t be jetting off to Spain or Italy this year. It’s not too late to start and you can grow most stuff in pots if you want to start slow. There is nothing better than going out to the garden and cutting your own salad for dinner.

Now If I can get the rabbits and deer to social distance from my garden I will be most happy.

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