Social Distancing

Introverts are finally getting their due with the whole world going into social distancing with the Coronavirus. For ages most people have been more or less forced to interact with other humans more of their waking hours than they would chose because of their work. Now everyone is being told to work from home and not go to large gatherings of people, like concerts or sports events or the movies.

Colleges are closing down classes and telling their students to vacate their campus. I am thankful Carter lives off campus and is working at her co-op this semester. Today was her first day of “work at home.”

In years past when she lived in a dorm we planned for her move out for weeks in advance. Storage companies had to be engaged, boxes obtained and packed and then the waiting for them to be picked up by the storage company. Then there was the packing suitcases to come home. If she only had two days notice to do all this I am unsure how she could get it done.

I did no social distancing today. I met my friend Cristina for lunch where we were the only customers in the restaurant. It was a form of social distancing since we had the whole place to ourselves. We stopped in at needlepoint and Nancy told us that if people have to self quarantine she will start delivering needlepoint supplies to their front porches. Good to know she has a plan to keep us all stitching.

I also went to a Costco where every old couple in a Durham was shopping together. Why couldn’t one of each couple had stayed at home? The lines were crazy, but thankfully I chose the self checkout since most of the old people couldn’t figure out how to work the scanners and they veered away from that line.

I also had two church meetings, both small where we sat far apart from each other. Shay came to the finance meeting because she is the honorary chair of the committee. She sits in the chair between me and Sharron, the business manager, and monitors all social interactions of the committee. Thank goodness Dogs are spared from the virus because she would go into deep depression if she had to social distancing.

Tomorrow I will go back to social distancing after I get my mammogram. The least social thing I can think of to do.

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