Bring Back Bowing and Curtsying

It’s time we stop shaking hands. Back in the olden days, when everyone wore gloves all the time, shaking hands did not spread germs. After going to the dermatologist and looking at all the age spots on my hands I wish I lived in an era when ladies wore gloves all the time.

So now in the age of Covid-19 we are doing everything possible not to pass germs, so no hand shaking. Yes we can bump elbows, but that is awkward and still gets us close to each other. I propose we go back to bowing and curtsying. Now I don’t want it to be a sexist thing so either sex can bow or curtsy depending on how you feel. It seems a most regal way to greet each other.

Shay has been bowing for years now as she doesn’t have any opposable thumbs for shaking. Her bow is deep and shows great emotion and love for the person she is greeting. I think this could catch on.

So if I see you in the street I promise a curtsy or a bow and please let it convey to you my most warm greeting to you as if I had given you a big bear hug.

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