“Gnocchi” to Feel Better

I can’t do anything about the stock market or the CoronaVirus, so the best I can do is share a healthy food with you.

During stressful times people tend to eat unhealthy food. The attitude is, “Hell, things are really bad, perhaps this pasta will make me feel better.” I know, because I fell victim to this thinking most of 45’s presidency. I finally came to grips with the fact that he may be getting fatter, but I don’t have to, but the stress still exists.

The answer to the “I need to eat pasta to deal with all this stress,” is cauliflower gnocchi. Trader Joe’s makes an excellent frozen product which can satisfy you pasta craving without succumbing to all those empty carbs.

It is easy to fix, you just put the frozen gnocchi in a non-stick pan with a little water, cover it and cook for eight minutes then uncover and add a little butter and cook another five minutes.

I made a mushroom, chicken, arugula sauce to put over my gnocchi tonight and I had a 400 calorie “pasta” dinner that was very satisfying.

It doesn’t make up for the almost eight percent drop in the stock market, but at least I don’t feel bad and guilty.

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