Old, Really Old, Clothes

I love my husband. I also love his frugality when it comes to his clothing. I am often begging him to throw away socks with holes or something that has lost its elastic. He rarely succumbs to my requests.

In his defense he is as thin today as he was when I first met him. He hasn’t always been this thin, but as he went up and down over the last thirty years he kept all his clothes. Today after church Russ changed out of his church pants into a pair of jeans. I looked at these familiar jeans and asked, “how old do you think those are?”

“Late 80’s, early 90’s” He said casually.

The barley any blue left jeans had a tear in the back pocket, but other than that they were still acceptable as body covering despite being at least thirty years old. They certainly weren’t in style or up-to-date, but they were classic, at least once. Russ saw no reason not to wear and keep wearing these old pants, along with old shirts and older jackets.

I am very thankful that men’s clothes don’t change so much so that Russ can still wear his decades old wardrobe. I am just thankful that he out grew his 70’s clothes. Having seen the things his mother bought him from Sears I would have to intervene if he still had any of those to wear.

One Comment on “Old, Really Old, Clothes”

  1. JB says:

    Russ is the Style Master. And remember- Costco is the new Sears.

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