Russ and Carter’s Big Space Adventure

Since I got a special weekend with Carter in Boston Russ thought he and Carter needed a trip together. For the record they invited me on this little jaunt, but when they told me what their plan was I declined. I am not saying they purposely chose something they knew I wasn’t interested in because I know how much they wanted to go on this particular trip.

Russ and Carter have a shared love of nerdy things like Teslas, Space X and the Big Bang Theory. So when they were discussing that Space X was going to be launching their 20th resupply mission on a Friday night they thought it would be something fun to witness.

So they met up in Orlando yesterday and visited the Kennedy Space Center during the day and went back late last night to watch the blast off. I was so thankful that the mission went off on time since Russ and Carter were only going to be there last night and if it got scrubbed for any reason they couldn’t hang out for more days waiting to see it go.

Apparently it was very exciting according to my nerds. Carter even reported on Instagram that it made her cry. Russ created a little bit of art to commemorate the trip.

This morning they went to the beach and then they visited an art museum in Orlando before having a late afternoon meal and parting ways at the airport. Russ is already home, while Carter is still awaiting her flight. It was a fast 36 hour trip for the two of them, but one I am happy they had making some father daughter memories.

As is our family tradition Russ and Carter picked out a Christmas ornament as a remembrance of the trip. Russ had me open it, as if it were a present for me and when I asked whose tree it was going on, he told me it was the best looking ornament they had there. Apparently nerds don’t have tasteful Christmas trees.

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