Quarantine Stuff to Do If Needed

It seems like the Coronavirus has caused some people in Seattle and New Rochelle to have to self quarantine. This is obviously the best way to flatten out the spread of the virus. It seems to have worked in China as the virus is not expanding in the quarantined area, but that sort of mass self quarantining will be much harder to do here, even if it is the right thing to do.

As I think about self quarantine I feel like it is something not so different from my regular life, minus playing games with live people. I can spend hours in my sweat shop working all alone, work on giant puzzles, needlepoint for at least two hundred and sixty-five hours without running out of canvas or fibers. I have enough rice and beans, oatmeal and homemade chicken stock to feed us for two weeks. As long as we have electricity I can walk miles and miles without leaving my house.

There are many unread books in my house, let alone every book every written available virtually. Millions of hours of pod casts and enough viewing options to occupy every waking hour.

Then there are the parts of my house I can clean that somehow rarely get paid attention to. The inside of all my windows could be washed. The garage could be tackled and that alone could take the entire two week quarantine period. All my files could be reorganized and I could shred thirty years of financial paper work. And then there is the attic.

I am not hoping to get quarantined, but if I do I thankfully have saved all this stuff to do in my house just so I won’t be bored. Thank goodness I always have house work.

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