Voting Matters More Than Ever

Politicians are known for spin, but spin should never cross the line into out right lying. With our current White House occupant we got numb to his lying. It was a joke because it happened so many times a day, day after day, week after week. He was aided by outlets like a Fox News and sycophants who he surrounded himself with. It was hardly tolerable, but his own party circled the wagons and protected him.

Now the world is faced with the worst pandemic in our lifetimes and we have the liar-in-chief acting the only way he knows how, incompetently. On the ABC news tonight they reported that he said all people coming off flights from Europe were being tested for Covid-19 then ABC said that was a lie. 45 was exposed to a person who has tested positive, yet he refuses to be tested himself, thus putting everyone who comes in contact with him at risk.

There is not much we can do about him today. The stock markets 28% loss may be the one thing that takes him out. What I am asking is please think carefully about who you vote for and do vote. It makes a difference who our government officials are. Pick people who have some humility and surround themselves with the smartest people they can. No one leader can do everything themselves, but the wrong leader can wreck havoc.

We need people who are intrinsically honest and can actually lead. I pray for all our leaders and all the health care workers. Please practice social distancing, especially if you come across 45. He has been exposed.

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