Dogs At Work

Russ went to work today as a way to social distance himself from me. Since he was the only one in his whole giant office he was safest there. He also had a lot of Zoom Video’s and the back drop of his brick office wall is so much more business like than the bunny rabbit border of his home office. See, he lost his original home office to Carter when she moved out of her baby room to his suite of rooms downstairs and I took over his old office when Carter left and turned it into my sweat shop.

I guess I could trade with him and turn the baby room into my sweatshop and he could have his original office back, but that’s a lot of work. It would be easier to remove the bunny border and paint the baby room.

While Russ was at his office he looked out his forth floor window that overlooks the entrance to the Durham Bulls park and saw the Bulls Bat Dog having a photo shoot. He watched as the dog patiently did different poses with his bat at the photographer captured it all.

I think it was optimistic to be doing this photo shoot as the idea of thousands of people gathering for a baseball game seems unlikely anytime soon.

At least dogs are still able to go to work in this time of social distancing. Shay did her best work to stay away from me all day. After not being by my side all day I finally had to go up to my bedroom at 4:30 and beg her to go outside since it was such a warm day. She did it begrudgingly. Perhaps she was put off that the Durham Bull Dog got to go to work today and Shay had to stay home. Social Distancing is making her depressed.

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