Slowing Down

I am a production worker. I like to produce things fast. The first time I read Cheaper by the Dozen when I was a kid I was immediately drawn to the father’s job as an efficiency expert. I can’t help but look at a job or a task and find ways to do it faster. It is a terrible trait because watching most people work makes me crazy with the desire to suggest improvements. I have learned not to always offer unsolicited advice, but I have to really bite my tongue.

I am constantly working on finding ways to be more productive in my own hobbies. This is how one year I was able to needlepoint 63 ornaments in one year. When I work on puzzles I sort the pieces to find the edge pieces and all the while I put the non-edges into groups mostly by color, or if they have words or letters on them, or faces, etc.

Now in the time of social distancing I am spending a lot of time doing my hobbies. I am almost finished piecing a new king sized quilt for my mother. It is the most intricate quilt I have every made. I have worked many hours on it. I got to wondering what I will work on when it is done and decided I needed to slow down just a bit and stretch out finishing this quilt.

I have been working on a big 2000 piece puzzle that is part of my Christmas present of Puzzle of the month. I have almost finished this one and realize the next one is not coming for at least five days. So now I have to slow down working on this puzzle.

To fill my slowing down time I dusted today. I don’t think I have every dusted so well. I did a first pass, then ran the robot vacuum and then dusted a second time. It goes against my grain to dust the same room twice. It’s all just part of keeping occupied while we are staying home. I would say I could clean out the attic, but let’s wait until I am really desperate.

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