Virtual Spirituality

I am thankful people are taking social distancing seriously. Being asked to stay home in our comfortable homes with power, Internet, and food is not the worst thing that can happen to us, if you have all those things. If you feel the need for people other than the ones in your house call someone on the old fashioned phone, of FaceTime them. In order for us all to survive this is what we need to do.

Our church had online service this morning. The wonderful and brilliant Sam Bryan, took his job as technology volunteer seriously and figured out how to live stream the church service. No congregants were invited. It was just the ministers and Monica the minister of music with Sam running the video.

We logged in from our big room and put the service up on the big TV. Shay finally got to go to worship. As a busy member of many church committees she has felt slighted that she was unable to worship, but not today. She paid very close attention to the whole service. The only thing she was not good at was saying the Lord’s Prayer. She did not enjoy when I sang along with the TV, but then again, no ever does.

I multitasked and worked on my puzzle while listening to church. I have no desire to watch other people’s church, but having my own familiar service made the day seem normal. I was also comforted by the praying for the world right now.

I saw on Facebook that Shay’s cousin Brady Pottenger was also watching church with her dad Dave and he was dressed in shorts, like Russ was. This habit of going to church in shorts with your dog might start some kind of revolution.

For now, just stay home, try and not go stir crazy by doing something productive and fun, don’t eat too much sugar and if you need to talk with someone, call them. I have noticed that we haven’t gotten any telemarketer calls for the last couple of days. Social distancing has some advantages. Perhaps we can be excited the next time the phone rings that it might be someone we want to talk with.

One Comment on “Virtual Spirituality”

  1. Sheppy Vann says:

    Our church in Nashville streamed the service and requested we all stay home. Like yours, ours was clergy and music ministry. Our service is always streamed to serve those who are away or unable to get to church due to illness or infirmity. I too wii oh raked on a jigsaw puzzle as I “attended”. It felt funny signing the doxology with no offering plate, but the responses worked and though I missed passing the peace, it was still a good way to start our day.

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