It’s Big Eating Day In America

It Super Bowl Sunday. No news reporting here. But in all the hype leading up to the game my favorite stat I heard is that people’s favorite part about the Super bowl is not the game, it’s not the ads, nor the half time show, no, none of those things. American’s favorite thing about this day is the food. This might be what is wrong with America. We use a television show as an excuse to eat stuff we know we should not have.

Perhaps it’s that the game is a month after the January 1 resolutions. Maybe people can no longer live on kale and just want some nachos. Well who doesn’t want nachos.

Here at our house we did not succumb to the desire for wings, pizza, guacamole and chips. No, I did a major fake out on Russ. I served spicy chicken sausages and spicy roast butternut squash. Russ found this hot Korean sauce called gochujang chile paste. It was hot, hot, hot.

We felt like we we having hot wings.

I hope you are enjoying the game, the ads, the half time show and and not acting like the majority of Americans and are not over doing the food. Your resolution is still out there.

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