The Final Touches

The thing about redoing anything is that once you do one thing you are going to find five more to do around it. You know the saying about pulling that thread. That is what the kitchen redo has been.

It started with the cabinet and drawer handles and pulls. I hated my 1950’s curved handles. I looked for years for ones I liked better that didn’t cost $18 a piece since I needed forty handles and 12 pulls. Finally I found ones at Wayfair of all the places. I think all of them cost only about $150. Cha Ching.

Buying the handles was the start of the painting the cabinets project. Then tiling the back splash. The most recent thing to change is what to put on the round shelves that are under the counter by the stove.

I used to put oils and vinegars there because the shelves are tall and could handle my collection of exotic vinegars in odd shaped bottles. I didn’t like the look of them there, but since I hated my whole kitchen it didn’t much matter. In the reorganization I moved the vinegars and oils to the pantry.

I have been living with nothing on these shelves for eight months and I finally decided to put four matching glass canisters there. I like the cleaner look of having matching glass. I bought two gallon size jars because they fit the space nicely.

It was a no brainer to put flour in one and sugar in another, thus freeing up space in a cabinet where containers of these two items lived. Now the dilemma of what to put in the other two. I could go with powdered sugar, but since I am more or less off sugar right now I am not using much of it. I like the white theme and I could go with rice, since Russ eats so much of it and I usually buy the ten pound bag from Costco. Salt would fit nicely in my white theme, but who in the world needs two gallons of salt. I am really going to have to think about this.

My next issue is trying to find matching scoops to the two blue ones that match the tile. I think I bought those scoops at the Williamsburg pottery outlet in 1985. Why didn’t I buy four?

And the next thread that needs to be dealt with are my kitchen stools. They are green and really need to be painted a different color. Here I go again, another painting project. I better start studying You Tube to find the best advice about what paint won’t chip when we hang our feet on the rungs of the stool. So many threads to pull.

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