Two Leaders I Disagree With

Today was a big day for two men I have little respect for, Boris Johnson and 45. Brexit took effect and the U.K. left the EU today. I am not sure Johnson and the Brxiteirs really have a handle on how this is going to workout for the U.K. in the end it might end up being the Ununited kingdom as Scotland might finally say we are going to take it anymore to England and Ireland might reunify and do the same to England. That would leave England with little ‘ole Wales and that is just not much of a Kingdom.

Be careful what you wished for Johnson. You might be making yourselves less and less relevant and not have the bargaining power to play with the big boys. It all makes me so sad as I love a lot about the U.K. as I lived and worked there for years, but taking your ball and going home may mean you don’t have anyone to play with.

Then there is the Senate who is not going to do their job and have a real trial and call witnesses. The Senate has laid down for Trump further allowing his out of control power to grow.

He was not going to get removed from office through impeachment because the Republican Senators were too afraid of Trump and his bullying ways, but they should have at least heard Bolton.

Two men I have little respect for have succeeded, but just for today. Things can change.

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