Shay, The Fellowship Dog

Shay has had a big week at Church. See, Church is her favorite place. If we are at home and I ask her if she wants to go out she usually just looks at me and won’t budge. If I say, “Do you want to go to church?” She runs down stairs to the garage door and keeps jumping until I open the door.

This week Shay has gotten to attend a Fellowship Hall building committee meeting Monday, another meeting with Chris, our pastor and Sharon our business manager yesterday and then today a building meeting with the hardware rep and architects.

Shay’s entrance into the mission center is pure exuberance. She bounds into Sharon’s office and greets her then turns to go back to the front desk to see Barb Schmidt since they are two of her favorites. If there are any church members in the halls she will gladly stop and say hello, never refusing a snuggle or pat on the head.

Today a bible study was going on in the parlor and Shay decided to join them for a while. Saundra Atkins was particularly happy to have her there. Shay roams the main floor of the mission center going from meeting to meeting spreading joy. Thank goodness Westminster is a dog friendly church since Shay is going about without me as I am in a meeting.

She usually comes to me when she has said hello to everyone and jumps in my lap and puts her head on the conference room table. This is her main position in Ways and Means meetings. If only she could go to a church services. I think she would very much like to hear the choir and would gladly go to the front for the children’s message.

For now she is just going to have to remain a committee member and head fellowship dog and greater.

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