Things I Hate That I Can Control

There is so much in the world that I can’t control, coronavirus, the stock market, all politicians, so I may hate some of those things that is a waste of time. On the other hand there are plenty of things I can control which really aggravate me when they go wrong.

For example I really hate when I hang a freshly laundered wash cloth on the towel rack above the toilet and it falls off into the bowl. Then I doubly hate that I have to reach in and take it out. I hate when the maple syrup falls over in the refrigerator and the sticky liquid seeps into cracks in the fridge.

I hate when Shay comes in from outside and jumps on the clean white quilt on my bed and leaves her signature paw prints all over it. I hate when I go to Costco for my once a month trip and then come home and discover that I am out of tea bags or toilet paper or one of the staples I buy only at a Costco.

I hate when I am in the shower totally drenched and that is when I realize the shampoo bottle is empty. I hate when I forget to smell the milk before I pour it over my cereal and berries and only up after it comes out a little chunky do I realize I just ruined my breakfast.

On the other hand, I am happy to have plumbing and a Washer. At least when the syrup falls over in the fridge it just means that I will get a cleaned out fridge, which it probably needed anyway.

I consider Shay a very important member of the family and I wouldn’t trade her for anything so what’s a few dirty paw prints. I know I am lucky to be able to afford to buy things in bulk because I have enough money to do that.

It’s just not that hard to put a towel on and go get a new shampoo, because I may be out in the shower, but I always have back up. And if I ruin my one bowl of cereal It is never the last thing I have to eat in the house and I consider myself blessed that I don’t have to worry where my next meal is coming from.

Even if I can control things, I need to keep perspective when they go out of control.

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